Take Back Ireland

Common sense left the Irish political arena a long time ago and it is time to bring it back. The proper people need to be promoted to the most relevant portfolios in the Dail. The political parties lost the ability to function without compromises a long time ago, around the same time they lost the desire to listen to the people on the ground. For too long FG and Labour have been complicit with the ruination of this country by Fianna Fail. Now we are going to be subjected to their version of the blame game as they will try to distance themselves from what has taken place.

There are also certain Departments that need to be looked at which should not be overseen by a politician and especially any with no expertise in the designated field. Do you want to see a publican running Health or a solicitor running Agriculture. Deals will be brokered and favours for past allegiances repaid, this is not in the public’s best interest. Finance needs to be put into more capable hands and we have an over abundance of top rate economists and accountants that should be brought together to  oversee operations in this department.

The time for NAMA to be shut down is now. It is another tribunal in disguise to be bled by advisory boards and those from the legal profession. It will not make the taxpayer any money long term and money it generates will not even cover the fees being extracted as we speak. New corruption taking place by NAMA developers has come to light today and already the process is been abused. Also Prime Time recently covered the abuse by developers of transferring assets into family members names to put them outside the reach of NAMA. This should be a jail able offence but they are carrying on this practice unchallenged. Frank Daly should tender his resignation immeadiately as he has either had the wool pulled over his eyes or he is innocently overseeing the greatest swindle of  Irish taxpayer money on record. The below link is essential reading on what is taking place.


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