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We the members of Ireland Future Forward have serious concerns regarding voting practices that take place in local constituencies. We ask the people of  Ireland not to succumb to vote blackmail on Election day. We are of course referring to the practice of politicians, councillors and their family members calling to constituency members houses and driving them to polling booths.  This puts people under duress and they are mislead into believing that the relevant politician has forged  an emotional bond with them. We completely oppose these kind of tactics being used, especially to exploit older and vulnerable people.

These practices should be renounced and discouraged by election committees  and overseers.

We would also welcome an announcement on who will be supervising the election process and would welcome delegates from UN countries to become involved in helping this Election be free from corruption.

We would actively encourage you to assist in helping take family members to the polling booths unhindered and free to vote of their own accord. If you believe these practices are taking place in your area, please do not choose to ignore it. We will be more than happy to assist in highlighting offenders.


Comments on: "Emotional Blackmail Vote Pressure" (1)

  1. Mary Martin said:

    Hear hear ! There are so many types of political corruption and it is great that people are made aware of the
    ones that are carried out under the guise of being “neighbourly”

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