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Expense abusers and pension hunters will soon be calling to your door. They will have well prepared soundbites that will have been prepared from a party template to persuade you to offer them your vote. These people have displayed a blatant disregard in the past for you and serve you a disrespect by door stepping you. We strongly advise that the carefully prepared questionnaire is addressed to them for immediate answers.Most of these questions only require a yes or no answer.Do not accept canvassers who attempt to wrangle out of answers with long winded explanations.

1 In the interest of the future of Ireland are you prepared to take a 50% pay cut to your wage if elected? A TD wage is now three times the National average and that is not counting expenses.

2 Are you prepared to adhere to an expenses ceiling that is transparent and at all times accessible to the electorate for scrutiny? To also accept a 20% reduction in the secretary allowance you will receive.

3 Will you agree to a pension freeze until the negative equity of Ireland is addressed and returned to positive growth?

4 Do you think it is fair to reward failure and would you consider helping establish a referendum where all previous pensions were scrutinized and pay was commensurate with past performance?

5 I/we know Fianna Fail, the Greens and Brian Cowen broke it but sound bites are of little use and it is easy to engage in the blame game but can you accept that you were complicit with the economic destruction of Ireland? As you stood idly by and allowed the country to crumble, up to the point that Fianna Fail were only removed by pushing their own self destruct button, do you accept that you were complicit with the ruination of our country?

6 How do you expect to measure the job creation you promise, so to prove that you have delivered on promise? It is easy to suggest that you will remove 100,000 from the live register when the ESRI calculates that 100,000 people will emigrate this year? Also how do you propose to stop the potential asset stripping of this country by foreign investors? Do you actually know how many people are not working or economically productive in Ireland right now? I’ll help, Live Register+Self Employed People out of Work+People whose  stamps have expired+Asylum Seekers+ Refugees +Returning Emigrants equals??

7 Can you show me actual evidence of a job your organisation was involved in creating that didn’t involve nepotism or cronyism, that stemmed from an original concept that you or your part were directly involved in and that didn’t have a link to the public sector?

8 As classroom sizes now are now fast approaching the magical average of 39 (40 sees a legal requirement for them to be split), how do you propose to reduce them with so many cuts being enforced on the educational budget?

9 Can you solve the following problem? Can you match the job qualifications to their most suitable Department? Accountant,farmer,solicitor or neuro surgeon to Education,Welfare,Arts or Enterprise.

10 Finally, can you tell me how much your campaign is costing the taxpayer? can you in real time tell me the percentage of the campaign you will be claiming back in expenses from the party or your own personal expense account?


Comments on: "10 Essential Questions that Canvassers Need to Address." (8)

  1. Aidan J.ffrench said:

    Excellent, hope is proves useful to this former, much deviant ex. Green Party member (I voted against FF coalition at members convention 13 June 07).

    I suggest you design this for sharing with others via Facebook, Twitter. I’m no IT geek but some programme tweak would enable wider circulation.

    Best wishes,
    Aidan J. ffrench
    Bray, Co. Wicklow

    • Thanks for the feedback guys,we are working on wider circulation but just want people to get involved and informed. People need to know about the people they are voting for and are they competent to carry out their duties. Talk is cheap, actions speak volumes.

  2. I like your questions, have pasted the link to my facebook profile.

    • Thanks, probably should have mentioned about Ireland being exposed to natural resources asset stripping too as we have become vulnerable to the big tycoons.We’ll get together and come up with something on that also.If you can suggest anything we should have added, love to hear it.

  3. “Are we a grown-up, responsible people capable of managing ourselves with integrity and intelligence?” is the key.

    If we are, then we don’t leave it to others – WE get involved, at the local level, and we reject the concept of being ruled, of Governance being in POWER.

    We take our responsibilities towards OUR Society seriously.

    We find ways to discuss, to share information, we find ways to avoid squabbling and acting out our anger, wats to utilise that anger so it’s energy is directed towards creativity, we find time to create understanding, empathy and common ground that includes diversity, that finds ways to integrate the diverse as a pool of information and insight towards the goal of managing our country together.

    Some might say it’s a lot to ask for. Well it’s not going to be easy, that’s for sure, Not as easy as voting, and sitting back, doing bugger all and handing over taxes as payment for services – we cannot afford to be mere consumers of political ideologies, of our favourite and most liked personal prejudices….

    We need to mature.

    We need to start and we need to be courageous enough to do this, knowing that while we don’t have all the answers, we can find them, test them and move forwards as a Society.

    • I completely agree with you. That’s why I have been an active member of Fianna Fáil for the last 5 years.

  4. I would also add a question to your ten : What are you going to do for the tens of thousands of Surivors of Clerical and Instituional Abuse to help them, and what will you do to bring those who caused harm or covered up the harm to justice?

  5. I canvass with FF and this is how I would answer you’re questions.

    I’m not a candidate so I can’t answer your first question.

    Answer to question 2.
    I would be in favour of this proposal.

    3. What do you mean by a pension freeze?

    Answer to question 4.
    While I understand your sentiment, I don’t think your suggestion is viable.

    Answer to question 5.
    You seem to be mistaken. Fianna Fáil and the Green Party are still in government. I agree with you in that I didn’t hear anyone in the Dáil proposing austerity measures pre 2008.

    Answer to question 6.
    Entrepreneurs create jobs, government can help to facilitate them through tax policy, infrastructure, a low minimum wage, providing an educated workforce. The infrastructure in this country has vastly improved under FF. As have the numbers with third and fourth level education and the corporate tax rate is very low. Minimum wage is high which is not good for job creation. With regard to measuring, number of people paying income tax would be one measure that could be used.

    Answer to question 7.
    Multinationals only locate here because of the tax incentives FF put in place to attract them.

    Answer to question 8. There was 36 in my class in primary school. We all learned to read, write and do maths. Now there are special needs assistants and resource teachers thanks to FF.

    Could you rephrase question 9 please.

    Answer to question 10.
    €27,000 is the legal limit for campaign spend.

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